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Our company, PEZ DE EXPORTACION SAC, is located in the District of Paracas, in the Department of Ica, 250 km south of the capital.

It is a young company that started its activities in the year 2012 and that in a very short time has managed to consolidate its position as the largest producer of canned fish in format ¼ club (RR-125) of Peru, working species such as Peruvian Sardine (Engraulis ringens) and Sardines (Sardinops sagax sagax, Sardinella aurita, Sardinella longiceps, etc.) that we import as raw material in order to supply the demand of our existing clients.

We have a great capacity of production: more than 75 millions of cans per year, thanks to the most modern equipment making our production line a full automated process.